Two MAJOR Work Outfit Catastrophes

This post is fashion related which is CRAY-CRAY because I don’t feel like I am an authority on fashion BUT my eyes do not deceive me. I have witnessed a couple fashion “WTFs” walk through the office and, well, let’s jump right to it! 

(*Disclaimer-These are just MY opinions but I am sure 98% of the world would agree with me on some level). 


1. The “Boyfriend Shirt Dress”

If you work at a place where people see you every day avoid this hot mess of an outfit. I don’t care if it has a designer label or that you decided to pair it with expensive shoes. You look naked. You look like you woke up, found a men’s shirt on the floor and put it on your tired body without any effort at all. Not only does it look unprofessional but I am ALMOST POSITIVE that if you were to bend down, your ass would be exposed for the ENTIRE office to see. Want to take this outfit to an entirely new level? Buy one made of denim. I dub this outfit the “walk of shame” because when you walk into the office you should feel ashamed of your horrible fashion choice. 

(I saw that some people belt these…STILL, not office appropriate, IMO). 


2. The “You Can See My Bra” outfit 

The fact that your boss allowed you to step foot into the office ASTOUNDS ME. Do I think women should be able to flaunt their assets and not care what people say or think? YES but there are OTHER ways to accentuate your figure whilst looking professional. This “look at my bra” trend is out of damned control. It is NOT office appropriate. Just because it’s on the runway doesn’t mean it belongs on your body as you stand at a copy machine. 

I had a third one but I refrained from inserting it into this post. Maybe in the future! I am still on the fence about it. 

Let me know what you think! 


xo Sam 




Pixie Cut TIP-Mascara Wand

If any of you have pixie cuts here is a tip for you (although, I am sure those of you with longer hair can use this somehow)! You know tester mascara wands? You can grab them at your local cosmetic counter/buy them at a beauty supply store and they make THE perfect little hair brushes for your short locks. I carry one around with me to tame the baby hairs along my hairline and I also use them to add some ~*texture*~ if I add too much product and things are looking a little stiff. I can’t say I came up with this on my own. I was working at the counter one day and turned to see another makeup artist fixing her hair in the mirror with one. I thought it was so SIMPLE yet GENIUS. Let me know if you try it or if you already do this!


Have a great weekend! TGIF! Woohoo!


xo Sam 

Daytime Skincare Routine (CORE Products)

Hi everyone!

This post is all about my daytime  skincare routine and the core products I use (I will post about my accessory products at a later date i.e masks, scrubs). Before I jump into this post I want to let you all know that I have combination/oily skin. I get oily throughout my t-zone and my cheeks are fairly comfortable with the occasional breakout. I also suffer from Milia (I wrote a separate blog post about that) so a few of my products are geared towards resurfacing/improving the texture of my skin. With that said…



My morning routine! 

I start off with my CeraVe Foaming Cleanser (11.99 at most drugstores). I wanted something simple yet effective to cleanse my face. I was also sick of spending a ton of money on cleansers even though I would definitely, without a doubt, spend cash I don’t have on the “next best thing”. However, I was like “Let’s calm down, Sam.” This cleanser is non-irritating, non-comedogenic (does not cause pimples or acne by clogging the pores) and is fragrance-free. It also helps reduce shininess yet helps retain moisture. It definitely is not drying for my combo/oily skin-type and I have not experienced any irritation. It isn’t anything spectacular but it does the job just fine. 

After I have cleansed my skin, I go in with my Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3 for combo/oily skin ($22.50) I just started using this again. I’ve read negative reviews regarding the alcohol content but after trying countless other toner-esque products, this one gives me the best results. It removes loosened, dead skin cells that might be sitting on top of your skin and makes your skin feel clean and refreshed. 

Next, I slather on some Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($26.00). I worked for Clinique for two years so I am using this out of habit more than anything. I do love the way it feels (it’s an oil-free, lightweight gel) and it is supposed to strengthen your skin but is it necessary? Not too sure. I might experiment by not using it and see how my skin feels and get back to ya’ll. 

The two final steps in my routine involve Shiseido’s White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream ($55.00) and Clinique’s Youth Surge Day SPF 15 for combo/oily skin ($52.00). I suffer from dark circles and I fell in love with the texture and smell of this eye cream. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and I have noticed a difference in my dark circles. Nothing too dramatic but enough that I continue to use it. Will I repurchase it? Not sure. I’ll keep you updated. Clinique’s Youth Surge Day w/ SPF 15 is my final step before I apply makeup. I do like this moisturizer and I have a backup waiting in the wings. It isn’t heavy and it doesn’t clog my pores. It is also oil-free and fragrance free. It has anti-aging benefits as well and I am all about that! Not to mention SPF. I wish it had SPF 30 but I can always add a primer with a higher SPF. 

Stay tuned for my next post all about my nighttime skincare routine! If you have any questions about the products mentioned please feel free to ask! 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow! 


xo Sam 


Gimme MORE ‘Gimme Brow’ by Benefit Cosmetics



I am OBSESSED with this stuff. I have gone through two tubes. I know I just jumped right into how much I love this product so let me tell you what it is and what it is supposed to do (I took this from Sephora’s website):

“What it is:
A brow-volumizing fiber gel.

What it does:
This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin and hair creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending and a precision tip for shaping. The fiber gel is water resistant, long lasting, and buildable for natural-looking brows.”

^Yes to it all! The cool thing about this product is although it is described as having “fibers” that adhere to your skin, don’t expect to have little tiny hair-like particles falling all over your face and in your sink when you wash your face (I have actually never noticed the fibers). This product STAYS PUT, which is FAB considering the hot & humid weather and it DOES add volume and shape to your brows.

This product has changed my brow routine. I have replaced all of my brow pencils with Gimme Brow. To me, nothing is quicker than this brow gel.

It comes in two shades light/medium and medium/deep and retails for $22.00. I use medium/deep. Love, love, love.

Here is a quick photo I snapped at my desk. I tried to make my brows look decent but I don’t know…LOL! Talk to you soon! Feel free to ask questions!




xo Sam





My Favorite Blush Brush-NARS ‘Yachiyo’ Brush

blush brush

Modern concept and function unite with traditional Japanese culture, creating unique and versatile brush designs. Featuring super black goat hair, known for its softness and strength, Kabuki Artisan brushes are designed for a variety of uses including color application, blending, contouring and highlighting. Super black goat hair is ideal for blending pigments. Winner of Allure magazine’s ‘Best of Beauty’ award for Best Blush Brush, 2012. Winner of InStyle magazine’s Best Brush award, 2012. By NARS.



I used to watch the NARS makeup artists use this brush on 99% of their clients and every single time I was AMAZED at how it applied blush/highlighter/bronzer. It looked effortless and the result was always flawless. Then one day I approached the counter and was like, “I need one of those”, and the next thing I know, it is in my hands (I paid for it. I swear!).

The “Yachiyo” brush  is so lightweight it’s almost like using a feather to apply your makeup. The design allows you place just the right amount of product onto your face and blending is a breeze. The DIFFUSION. The AIRBRUSH QUALITY. Most of us are used to heavier, thicker brushes that kind of SLAP product onto the area you are working on but this…THIS…is ~*art*~. When you use this brush you feel like an artist. You even have to hold it like an artist would, whatever that means. You know! Daintily. Your digitus minimus raised in the air as you buff the color onto your cheeks. You are a MASTER.

All I can say is this: Either go to a NARS counter and try it out for yourself or trust me 100% and purchase one! It retails for $55. It’s expensive but worth the investment. It is unlike any brush I own and I own WAAAAY too many. It basically replaced every blush brush in my collection.

If you own a “Yachiyo” brush let me know what you think of it! If you have any questions or requests for future posts, please, leave them in the comment section!

Thanks for reading.

Talk to you all soon!

xo Sam


Black Spinning Tool Organizer (the Paper Studio)=BEST Cosmetic Brush Storage EVA~*





There you have it. I think the photo says it all. Fine. I’ll say SOMETHING about this majestic storage solution.

If you are like me you have stored your cosmetic brushes in various things: glass jars, acrylic storage units via The Container Store etc. However, I was always left feeling empty. After spending several dollars on items that didn’t really work for me I found the Paper Store’s “Spinning Tool Organizer” online on the Hobby Lobby website (regular 39.99 BUT it’s on SALE for 19.99. GO TO THE WEBSITE NOW. LINK BELOW.). I broke down, drove to the store with the fervor of a cocaine addict on her way to a sweet hook-up  and purchased it in black (it comes in white but alas, I could not find it). But, whatever. I spray painted the SHIZZ out of it so it would match my decor and the end result? Glory. 

It spins. SPINS. That means whilst I am sitting at my desk I can rotate the organizer (I am running out of nouns) and find the brush that I need to complete my natural smoky eye with EASE. It holds all of my brushes and I still have space left. Space that can be filled with MORE STUFF. I also stash my toner and other skincare items in some of the slots so my desk isn’t covered in products. OH and it has SIX tiny drawers. I haven’t filled all of them yet but you can store nail clippers and other small things in them. The cherry on top? It looks cute. 

The verdict? Five damned stars. 

Now, go to the website via the link below because it’s on sale.

Happy organizing! 

xo Sam 

Muji & The Container Store-Acrylic Drawers/Makeup Storage

I have finally achieved the impossible dream! I own acrylic drawers from Muji! I was stalking the website for AGES and when I saw that the 5-drawer and 2-drawer storage units were in stock I IMMEDIATELY whipped out my debit card and purchased one of each. It all happened so fast. I also visited the store when I was in NYC two weeks ago (if you are in the area take a look. It’s an amazing place. It’s right near The Port Authority) and purchased another 2-drawer unit. I could NOT resist. I lugged it on the Subway and on the bus back home. That is how obsessed I am. I REFUSE to pay HUNDREDS of dollars for ACRYLIC drawers. ACRYLIC.
I also own FOUR 3-drawer acrylic units from The Container Store. I purchased these before the Muji drawers were back in stock. Here are some photos ( I didn’t really organize my makeup/skincare before taking these photos):


^The Container Store drawers stacked on top of one another. I keep these on my desk for easy access to my “every day” makeup products.


^The Muji drawers! One 5-drawer unit and two 2-drawer units . I keep these drawers on my dresser.

They make everything look so CLEAN! I used to use those Rubbermaid containers but they just took up so much space and looked bulky. I also couldn’t see any of the makeup I had in the drawers which gets frustrating if you own a ton of stuff.
Both the Muji drawers and The Container Store drawers do a fabulous job at storing your products. The Container Store drawers are smaller (height and width-wise) and are great for smaller spaces i.e a computer desk. The Muji drawers take up a bit more room so they work best on top of a vanity or dresser. I recommend getting the 2-drawer Muji drawer along with the 5-drawer unit because the 2-drawer unit can fit larger items like blushes and powders. The drawers on the 5-drawer unit are smaller and are great for lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras etc. All of the drawers are GREAT quality for the price (the Muji drawers cost me $25-$27 and The Container Store drawers are around $15 each) and overall, I am extremely happy!

Here are the links to both products:

The drawers from The Container Store are usually ALWAYS in stock. The Muji drawers, not so much. I followed Muji on Twitter and on FB and kept checking to see if they got a stock shipment in. They are worth the wait and are DEFINITELY worth stalking out!

If you have any other questions feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading!

xo Sam

Cosmetic Counter Etiquette

We have ALL, at one point or another, visited a cosmetic counter. A “visit” can simply mean a quick peek at a new moisturizer whilst walking through the cosmetic department to get to the shoe department (kudos to you for taking that particular route out of ALL the routes the store has to offer. It can be like swimming into a shark den) OR a “visit” can entail actually interacting with a cosmetic consultant and purchasing a product.
As someone who works at a cosmetic counter (I will not disclose WHICH brand I currently work for) and as someone who shops at cosmetic counters quite frequently, I wish to bestow upon you some cosmetic counter etiquette! Believe it or not there are a few codes of cosmetic counter conduct we all should follow!

1.  If you schedule a makeover with a consultant PLEASE plan on purchasing an item or two. Makeovers are not supposed to be a free service. Makeovers take time, energy and usually (at least from my own personal experience) the consultant puts a lot of thought and effort into making you look your best! Having your makeup done and then leaving is rude. You are, essentially, taking advantage of the consultant’s time. Many will argue that makeovers are part of the job of working at a cosmetic counter. While that may be true and while we take great pride in our work as consultants, makeovers aren’t the only thing we have to worry about. While applying makeup on you, OTHER customers might be approaching the counter asking for assistance or asking to be checked-out and because we are completely focused on YOU, as we should be, we miss the chance to assist those clients. So, if you leave without purchasing at least ONE item (most counters either charge a flat rate for makeovers or they expect a two item minimum purchase), we have missed an opportunity to make a connection with a customer who is genuinely interested in purchasing a product! Unfortunately, many of us cannot accept tips therefore, the commission made on a product you purchase is, essentially, the tip. Let’s think about it this way, freelance make-up artists can charge anywhere from thirty dollars to HUNDREDS of dollars per makeover. What makes our time, as consultants, worth any less? Not to mention having to sanitize the cosmetics, clean the station. wash the brushes etc. It’s something to think about the next time you schedule or ask for a makeover!

2. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER try on products without the proper sanitation or tools that are usually stationed near the tester units. Not only could you be putting your health at risk (who KNOWS what could be lurking inside that mascara tube) but now the products you haphazardly applied have to be sanitized and/or replaced completely. There are cotton balls, q-tips etc. at cosmetic counters for a reason! Ask a consultant if you cannot locate them! They will be more than happy to assist you.

3. Samples. We all LOVE samples but there is a fine line between wanting a sample of a foundation or moisturizer (Note-moisturizer samples are iffy because we find customers sticking their fingers inside of the jars and as a result  we don’t like to give them out often) because you want to make sure you aren’t allergic to the product/you want to see if  the product works for you before purchasing it AND just wanting a sample because it’s a sample. Believe it or not, many cosmetic counters don’t even receive samples! Many people refuse to believe this and become angry at us BUT  it’s true! Companies are becoming stingier and stinger as time goes on and therefore, samples become scarce. So, believe us when we tell you we don’t have any samples in the forms of lipstick, packets or what have you. Sure, we can dram you a foundation sample but most likely we don’t have a box of free stuff to give out on a whim. Also, walking up to a counter and asking for samples without having any interest in the brand or its products is a little irritating.

4. Be kind! This applies to life in general but I’m talking about the beauty industry right now, Life! I think cosmetic consultants/associates have been stereotyped as commission-driven used car salespeople but in reality, most of us just LOVE makeup and skincare and what to share our passion with our clients. Not going to lie, there is always that “hoover” who as their eye on the money and nothing else, but they are the minority. If we DO seem like we are eagerly trying to push a sale it’s because the company gives each counter monetary goals to achieve and sometimes we are penalized for not making sales plan. I absolutely HATE sales goals but it’s the reality of the situation. I try not to let it interfere with my genuine love for cosmetics and people but that pressure sometimes creeps up on me. Let’s make the cosmetic counter a fun and positive place to be! It takes two to tango!

There you have it. Some tips, tricks and some basic counter etiquette. Feel free to let me know YOUR experiences whilst visiting a  cosmetic counter and if you work at a cosmetic counter, what other advice do you have for potential clientele?

Thanks for reading! Remember to follow the blog if you want to hear more from me and spread the word!

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Thank you!

Before I head to bed and before my dark circles become even darker, I just wanted to extend a “thank you” to all of my new followers. I really appreciate it. It means the world to me that you all are interested in what I blog about. I’m new at this so be patient with me but please continue to join me on this cyber journey! If you have any requests i.e. product reviews, please comment below! 
Xo Sam 

p.s My next blog post will be about my makeup organization using drawers from The Container Store & Muji! Stay tuned! 

Let Us Reevaluate, Shall We? (Shopping Your Makeup Collection)

I am addicted to cosmetics. You probably are too and even if you aren’t just pretend, okay? #SupportSystem. When I walk into a drugstore or a Sephora, I turn into a crazed beast-like creature, stalking the aisles, sniffing out my prey. My fiance tells me that I  resemble one of the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park.

^The kid represents a new lipstick collection or skincare product

Over the years I have acquired the ability to say “no” to the voices within me telling me to “buy, buy, buy”. Do I ALWAYS exercise this ability, ehhhh, not always (some products are just too tempting and wonderful and I need them). However, I do try to resist buying when I can. When I stop and pick up a cosmetic item I try to visualize my current collection and I ask myself, “Do I REALLY need this?”, “Do I already own something similar?”. I then walk around with the item(s) clutched to my chest for a few minutes while aimlessly walking around the store all while battling my inner demons. Taking the time to think about what I already own really helps me rationalize things and 7/10 times, I put the product(s) back. It usually hurts and sometimes I become genuinely upset about not purchasing the item in question, especially if I have been craving it, but in the end I save money (YAY) and I am forced to use similar products that I already own.

For example, lipsticks. I can honestly say I have NEVER finished a lipstick. I am AMAZED when I see women (or men) applying lipstick that is on its deathbed. The reason why I have never finished a lipstick is because I own SO MANY and there are just SO many options! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (I’m a collector, right?) but I think everyone should set a limit for themselves. Why own SO MUCH and only use a fraction of the products? Why purchase more lipsticks, for example, when you already own so many? I own pretty much every color of lipstick to suit my needs and I tell myself this every time I browse a makeup aisle. If I do peruse a new collection I ask myself, “Do I have a color like this at home?” and usually the answer is “yes”. When I go home and find out that I own multiples of the same color my soul exits my body and floats into the heavens and then my body crumbles into a pile of dust.  I could have saved some cash! In the moment it feels good to buy that lipstick or blush or mascara but when the high wears off you can be left feeling regretful, at least I do.

You will be SO surprised when you paw through your current makeup collections. I am constantly finding unused products or barely used products! It’s fun to really dig through your makeup and play with what you already own! Try it. The next time you are out searching for that new eye-shadow collection everyone on YT has been raving about, take a peak but stop and think for a moment. Think about what you already own and ask yourselves those questions, “Do I own something similar?”, “Do I really need it?” and also, “Will I use it enough to justify purchasing it?”. Asking yourselves those questions will save you money, regret and will force you to appreciate what you have at home! Am I advising you not to buy makeup until you have used up everything in your collection? No! I am just telling you to think before you buy!

Let me know how it works out for you!

xo Sam